Sunday, June 13, 2010

Early Flight, Late Run

AM: 60 mins.
8 miles

Jenna, Pezz, Maraya and I left the hotel at 4:30--4:30!!!--this morning to catch our 6:30 flight out of Boston. This meant we arrived back in Charlotte around the time that most people were waking up or reading the newspaper or perhaps enjoying a long run. Lucky for me, Jordan picked me up at the airport instead of doing any of the above activities, which meant he would still need to run later in the morning. Apparently he and Tyler had planned this in advance (possibly before or after Jordan was sleeping off his World Cup fueled alcohol binge on Tyler's couch), because no more than 30 minutes after arriving home Tyler was knocking on our door. Today was supposed to be the start of my "break" from running, but since the two of them were taking a trip to McAlpine I asked to tag along. They reluctantly allowed me to break up their boys' day out, and off we went.

From the first few steps, it was readily apparent that we weren't in Boston anymore. The cool, drizzly weather had been replaced by hot, humid, muggy conditions. Maybe it's because of the stark contrast from yesterday, but I swear this was the most miserable day of the "spring" so far. The back wooded sections from Boyce and on the second half of the Footlocker course were tolerable, but the in-between miles in the sun were absolutely brutal. Luckily I'd only intended on going an hour anyway, because I doubt I could've made it farther if I'd tried. Jordan and Tyler had planned to go 14, but that was quickly thrown out the window when Tyler developed a sudden pain in his foot. Maybe it was the hangover talking, but Jordan even agreed to cut his run short so we could all beat the heat sooner. We headed home for a fun afternoon of pancakes, mimosas and pool time with friends, and all our troubles were quickly forgotten.