Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jordan's Birthday

AM: 4 mile w/u + strides
Target: 1200 @82s (4:06), 2x400 @80, 3x200 faster
Actual: 4:02, 78, 80, 32.8, 32.2, 30.8
1.5 mile c/d
Total: 7-7.5 miles

Normally I wouldn't be excited about the prospect of hitting the track at 7am for a workout. However, today I didn't mind--mostly because I knew there was a very abridged effort on tap, but also becaus
e I had a support crew joining me. So, although each of us had our own agendas once we reached the track, Jenna and Tyler agreed to meet at our apartment at 7:30 and jog over to AG together. After dropping Tyler off at the track at 1.5 miles--he's primarily a cyclist and sorta new to this whole running thing--the Three Musketeers continued for an extended loop through Myers Park. Once we arrived back at AG, Jordan prepared for his prescribed drills and sprints while I laced up my flats for some intervals.

Predictably, the 1200 felt awful. This is the first time I've tried to run hard since last weekend, and it showed. I felt slightly better as I progressed through the shorter stuff (when have I ever said that before??), and my spirits were briefly buoyed by the two maintenance men on the backstretch who proclaimed me fit to join the Olympic team. But still, this was not one of my finer track sessions.

Of more importance than my lackluster wogging, today is Jordan's birthday. He has now joined me on the dark side of the mid-20s from which there is no return. To celebrate, we met up with some fellow runners (and a few fellow running bloggers) for the first ever Queens/CRC social at Dilworth Neighborhood Grill, then swung over to South End for some pints and shuffleboard at Tyber Creek. It was a
pretty late night for grandma over here but well worth the sacrifice. Happy birthday, babe!

The birthday boy and Bill Gary Jr.

Tyler threatens to get physical with Jenna after a poor shuffleboard move