Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wrapping Up the Weekend

Sunday, 11/29
AM: 15 mins. ping-pong
35 mins. (4.5-5 miles)
30 mins. yoga

Saturday, 11/28
44 mins. (6 miles)
30-45 mins. ping-pong

Once it was affirmed that all members of our party were alive and well, the remainder of our time in Mason was passed with leisurely relaxation. We spent copious amounts of time lounging on the couch, watching football, eating leftover pie and celebrating Madison's 9th birthday. I finally managed to drag Jordan out for a run on Saturday and had the pleasure of hearing his symphony of coughs, snorts and nose-blows along the way. Charming. In the evening we played a few spirited games of ping-pong, and by "played" I mean I destroyed him (he would redeem himself slightly the following morning but that's hardly the point).

Jordan with the birthday girl earlier in the week at
her class program

We were up and at 'em early on Sunday, eager to get in a run before starting the long trek back to Charlotte. Actually the drive wouldn't have been bad except that every other living person who'd traveled for the holidays also chose to come home down I-77 through West Virginia. God bless. What should've been a 7-hour drive dragged out to almost 9, and if it weren't for the sandwiches and other snacks Eloisa packed us I have no doubt we'd be wasting away along the roadside somewhere. Needless to say, we were thrilled to finally make it home on Sunday night, but also sad to see our time in Ohio come to an end. I'm already recruiting the Vinson clan to head this direction and visit us soon...especially if Eloisa brings snacks.