Saturday, November 14, 2009

If It's Not One Thing, It's Something Else

AM: 2+ mile w/u + strides
~3 miles uptempo
2 mile c/d
2x20 water pump extensions=80
Total: 7 miles

I had to get this workout taken care of before work this morning, and fortunately Jenna was game for accompanying me to McAlpine before the team's scheduled morning practice. (She would then turn around and drive the team back out there as soon as she and I got back--what a trooper.) The air was crisp and cool and the sun was shining brightly, which made for the first truly beautiful morning we've had around here in quite some time. I'll take it.

The goal of this workout was to run uptempo but not go to the well. During the warmup I could tell I was still not recovered from Wednesday's intervals, and in particular my adductors were exceptionally sore. Despite that, things felt decent on my pre-workout strides, so I hoped the workout would go smoothly. And it did--for about two and a half miles. We split the first mile comfortably in 6:22, settling into more or less that pace for the rest of the run. My legs felt heavy and tired but not terrible, and I was confident I'd be able to complete the workout with a decent though not exceptional time. Then, about 15 minutes in, my left adductor started really tightening up. At first it was hardly noticeable, but after a few minutes I could feel it straining with every step. When Jenna and I popped out of the woods and back around the pond near the finish of the Footlocker course, it was bothering me enough that I voiced my decision to call the workout a few minutes short.

We walked and stretched for a bit before starting the two-mile jog back to the parking lot, and I must admit my adductor was tight the entire time. That said, the intensity wasn't anywhere near the level during the workout, nor did it get any worse during the cooldown, so I'm confident it's not a big deal. Still, this is a reminder for me to continue to be patient and not to rush into training too hard....I'd hate to mangle another part of my body in my haste to get fit again. With Nationals a week away, I can't afford to do something stupid now. Hopefully this is something that an evening of icing and a few glasses of wine can cure.