Saturday, September 26, 2009

"R" is for "Rhodesia"

Day Off
Dog Walking x 2

The workout just didn't happen today, but it was largely unavoidable. Actually if you count dog walking as a workout then I pulled a double. Jordan and I are dogsitting for Chandler's rambunctious pup Sanford this weekend while she watches the Horned Frogs destroy Clemson on their home turf. At any rate, I put in 7 hours non-stop on the feet at work today, which meant that I missed both ends of the 10-5 window at the fitness center. A cold drizzle post-work eliminated any chance of getting in the outdoor pool either, so I was content to drink wine and put my feet up while Jordan got waterlogged on his second run.

Our evening was rounded out with leftover dining hall cuisine and a double feature of Yahtzee and Scattergories at Chandler's while Sanford looked on. Trust me, I'm aware of how lame this sounds, but it was actually a decently fun evening. My personal favorite moment was during the "R" round of Scattergories when we were each supposed to fill in the blank for "State." For some unfathomable reason, Jordan was unable to come up with "Rhode Island," the only state in the entire United States of America that begins with an "R," a state he resided in for four years of his life and as recently as Tuesday was inhabiting. Nope, instead he left his line completely blank. I even had the foresight to fill in my own "R" blank with "Rhodesia," the now-defunct African state, so that we wouldn't both duplicate "Rhode Island" and end up canceling out each other's points.

It's times like this when I wonder why I didn't apply to any Ivy League schools. And, furthermore, how he graduated from one.


Suzanne said...

Laughing out loud!

Mad said...

that's hilarious!

Jilane said...

Wow.... Jordan, really?

Just... WOW.