Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 x Loop

AM: Loop (5+ miles)
15 mins. core
PM: Loop (5+ miles)
Total: 10.5 miles

Ever original, I chose to run a short Freedom Park loop in the morning and follow it up with--you guessed it--another short Freedom Park loop in the afternoon. The first was solo, the second was with JSK, and both were with heavy legs. I blame the combo of yesterday's workout plus pulling an all-day shift on my feet at the store (10 to 7), neither of which left me feeling very chipper today. I ran both loops without my watch to ensure that I would take things slow and easy.

Tomorrow and Friday the Queens team will be participating in the UNCC 49er Classic just up the road. It's still undetermined whether or not I'll have to run--this is one of the meets where we need a certain number of participants in order to maintain our team standing with the NCAA--but if I do it will be something inconsequential. Either way, Coach Simmons has me down for a five-mile predator run on Saturday morning, which I plan to complete at the Shamrock 4 Miler put on by RFYL. I figured it would be more fun than running solo at McAlpine, plus there's the promise of a green t-shirt and free Great Harvest samples after the race. I'm sold. As of now I plan to run the race, take a quick break to walk through the chute and drink some water, then run another hard mile to finish out the five-mile predator simulation. Then eat the bread.