Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fairway Running

AM: 45 mins. ellip.
PM: 35 mins. (5 miles)

This afternoon I wanted to test out my leg on some soft surfaces, so Jordan and I ventured over to the golf course we discovered last time we were here. The sun was just dipping behind the mountains, leaving us with enough light to navigate our path and simultaneously providing us with an absolutely gorgeous sunset. Unlike the windstorm that raged yesterday, the air tonight was absolutely clear and still. Have I mentioned that every day here feels like living in a postcard? This might not exactly be traditional Christmas weather, but it's certainly just as beautiful.

An aerial view of the golf course where we ran tonight--it's that long
green strip in the middle of the photo

As for the run, it went great, and I could tell within the first few minutes that my leg felt much better than it had a few days previously. Guess my ibuprofen and whirlpool therapy has been working. The lush surface of the fairways offered ample cushioning, and though the terrain was slightly uneven I still benefited from its softness. I was sorry to leave after a few loops on the grass, but the impending darkness and my hesitance to push the leg meant it was time to head home.