Saturday, December 19, 2009

Peace Out, Charlotte

Saturday, 12/19
AM: 45 mins. yoga
PM: 5 miles

Friday, 12/18
AM: 50 mins. ellip.
15 mins. core

Thursday, 12/17
AM: 50 mins. ellip.
PM: ?

In an effort to get all caught up, I'm lumping these days together. Don't judge me. It's been pretty crazy around here trying to finish up the semester and get all packed up for California. I would be lying if I said I wasn't absolutely thrilled to be leaving the cold, wet, dreary North Carolina weather behind and spending the next few weeks with friends and family in gorgeous southern California. Tomorrow promises to be a long day of travel and a run is not guaranteed, but after that Jordan and I are looking forward to putting in some solid training (and sunning, and shopping, and Koffi coffee drinking) over our Christmas vacation. Look forward to some more interesting blog posts and photos in the coming days!