Saturday, December 12, 2009


Saturday, 12/12
AM: 50 mins. ellip.
~1 mile jog

Friday, 12/11
AM: 50 mins. (7 miles)
10 mins. core

Thursday, 12/10
AM: 50 mins.ellip. incl. 3x3 mins. on, 2 mins. off

Wednesday, 12/9
AM: 50 mins. ellip. incl. 3x3 mins. on, 2 mins. off, 3x30 sec. sprint
PM: 55 mins. (7 miles)

Tuesday, 12/8
AM: 45 mins. ellip.
PM: 30 mins. yoga

Monday, 12/7
AM: 45 mins. ellip.
PM: 40 mins. (5.5 miles)

Okay okay, I apologize for being so incredibly lacking on updates for the week. In my defense, it's been crazy. The Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon was this weekend (more on that later), which our store is heavily involved with, so that means I worked more hours at my "part-time" job this week than ever before. Not that I'm complaining, but it's just been a lot. Add to that the final week of school, which means that between Wednesday the 9th and Wednesday the 16th I have approximately 30 pages of writing due for 3 different classes. Anyhow, it's been a crazy week. Instead of doing a respectable job of catching up, however, I'm afraid I'll have to half-ass this recap. I've linked to Jordan's blog for the runs we did together, as he's done a good job of filling in the details that I've left out. Apologies all around, and I promise to be much more interesting and engaging after the madness ends next week.

Speaking of Thunder Road, apparently on Thursday Jordan decided he wanted to run the full marathon. In shoes that were two sizes too small. I never said I liked him because of his smarts. Anyhow, as you can imagine, he's already working on a witty and entertaining recap of the race-day shenanigans, so once again I will link you to his blog for the relevant details. Oh, and he won. Typical.

Edit: After reading his blog post, allow me to note that his first 10k split is my 10k PR. This from the guy who didn't train for the race, was wearing shoes two sizes too small, and just recently recovered from the swine flu. Oh, and he still had 20 more miles to run. Sigh.