Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jesus

AM: 20 mins. ellip.
45 mins. (6 miles)
PM: Christmas dinner

Merry Christmas, everyone! On a day when we celebrate the arrival of Santa Claus and the birth of Jesus (not necessarily in that order), we also celebrate my parents' plane finally arriving after a 3-hour weather delay from DFW. They arrived just after noon Pacific time feeling as though they'd already suffered through an entire day of setbacks. Luckily Jordan and I were on hand to greet them in Ontario with high-fives and a plate of Christmas cookies, turning their frowns upside down, and in short order we were on our way back to Palm Springs.

Our stylish Christmas table

In the evening we had a fantastic Christmas dinner with family and friends, lovingly prepared by G.J. Kinley. The meal featured a sumptuous rack of prime rib and lots of champagne and wine--in short, a perfect way to celebrate the day. Oh, and Santa brought us a new camera (with help from my parents), a GPS for Jordan's new job (also courtesy of John and Sharon), and plenty of cash and gift cards (from Gary, Roger and Sheba). I also rang in the holiday by wearing my new Karhu Fast Rides for the first time on our run this morning. They're bright red, so it was only appropriate. The leg continues to improve every day and I have no doubt that new kicks will greatly facilitate this recovery.

Jordan and the parentals

And so, on that note, there are desserts to be had. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Owen said...

That's a lot of parentals...

Meagan Nedlo said...

yet it still comprises less than half of jordan's total number of parents.