Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday With Friends

AM: 75 mins. (10.5 miles)
PM: 15 mins. core

Normally I prefer to do my Sunday long runs at McAlpine, since I figure my body needs all the soft surface exposure it can get. However, if my options are to run with people at the Dowd vs. run by myself at the trail, I'll choose the company every time. Plus, I didn't plan to run more than 70 or 80 minutes today, so that further enabled my decision to run with the CRC peeps. Jordan and I rolled up to the Dowd at 7:30 to discover quite a crowd, which is always cool to see. We set off in the direction of the Thunder Road course en masse, more or less taking over the quiet uptown streets.

The pace started off very pedestrian, which was perfectly fine with me after yesterday's uptempo effort and last night's wine consumption. The air was surprisingly cool and breezy, and the miles passed easily as I kept a steady conversation with Caitlin, Paul, Billy, Jordan, Alice, Aaron and a few others. All was right with the world until midway through the run when I needed to find a bathroom. Fortunately Caitlin was also desperate for a drink of water, so we made the executive decision to peel off from the rest of the group and duck into the Starbucks on Tryon. A few minutes later we were back on the streets and in hot pursuit of our group. I didn't know their route but Caitlin did, so we kept trying to catch them with a combination of shortcuts and pace pickups. After a few 6:30 miles and no sighting of our main group, we opted to dial the pace down and do our own thing for the rest of the run. It was during those last few miles that we both realized we were quite hungry, so we started planning the perfect end to a slightly imperfect (although enjoyable) run: brunch! While Jordan finished up his mileage, I accompanied the fastest roommates in Charlotte to Trader Joe's to stock up on the key ingredients for flapjacks and eggs. If we keep chowing down like this post-run, our superlatives might change from "fastest" to "fattest." The worst part is, I think it might be worth it.


allensroadtoboston said...

"I accompanied the fastest roommates in Charlotte" I want to point something out here. When one of these roommates first declared themselves as 'the fastest roommates in Charlotte', said roommates finished second to you and Jordan that very day. You and Jordan live together, which makes you roommates. I'm just saying. ;)

caitchris said...

Whatever, Allen!!!! They don't count as roommates just like they don't count as winning their age group awards. Jordan and Meagan get taken out of the "roommate" challenge since they have a romantic relationship - which automatically puts them into the couples category...thus giving john and I the trophy for roommates since we aren't romantic. I mean, we do take care of my cat together, but....

allensroadtoboston said...

Ah, okay, hence the reason Laura and I don't hold the title. =)

But I will still have to do some more research before I concede the title to you and John. Like who is Mike Crouch's roommate? What about Amanda Goetschius'?

Caitlin, please put this on the agenda to discuss at the board meeting tomorrow. haha

(And sorry Meagan for highjacking your board for this debate. But it's really your own fault for being so gd fast.)

mrn said...

don't apologize, allen. i encourage a lively debate on my blog. =) also i might add that mike was jordan's and my roommate for about four days a few weeks ago. does that make us the fastest household in the history of charlotte??