Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Shenanigans

AM: 80 mins. (11 miles)
15 mins. core

To start the holiday off right, Jordan and I slept in to the delicious hour of 9am. I'm sure it's just what our hard-working and industrious founding fathers would've liked to see. Fortunately we made up for our laziness by strapping on the boots and heading to Boyce for a hot and sunny romp through McAlpine. After a few weeks of down time my head is full of all sorts of grandiose plans for the fall and winter racing seasons, and our animated conversation meant the miles fell away quickly.

We spent the rest of the day as any red-blooded American should: lounging by the pool, eating meat products and ingesting plenty of domestic beers. (That last part was mostly Jordan.) Neither of us have to work tomorrow, and we were content to spend the evening relaxing with friends and watching the fireworks reflecting off the waters of Lake Norman. Nice work, America.