Sunday, April 28, 2013

(Sardinia) Week in Review

82 miles
3 doubles
5 days in Sardinia
21.097k race
2ish AFDs

And, for the record:
4/1-4/7:75 miles
4/8-4/15: 77 miles
4/16-4/23: 82 miles

All things considered, including the overnight travel and subsequent jet lag and some semblance of a race week taper, my mileage was quite respectable. Of course, the numbers are incidental to the phenomenal experience I've had and continue to have here in Sardinia. Tomorrow is my last day at the Chia Laguna Resort before departing in the evening for Rome, where I'll spend an overnight layover (that isn't quite long enough to actually do or see anything) before finally returning to the States on Tuesday. The trip has flown by astonishingly quickly, and though I'm looking forward to being home I'm already sad to leave all my new friends (and, admittedly, all the amazing free food and wine) behind.

If anything, this trip has given me a new appreciation for the experience of foreign athletes who travel to compete in the US and for American athletes who compete abroad. In addition to not understanding any of the language (at least if you're a typical ignorant American like myself), your internal clock is completely askew and you're eating different foods at completely different times than you're accustomed to. In almost every way imaginable, you are completely out of your normal routine. On vacation this can be a minor inconvenience, but if you're attempting to compete at your absolute best the odds are largely stacked against you. However, given how quickly I've adapted to being here I think it's a sign that I should return next year!

The backdrop for my Saturday evening shakeout run. It looks Photoshopped but is most certainly real! Photo credit: Jane Monti