Friday, April 26, 2013

Sardinia: Two Days in Photos

Bottle of "fortified" Sardinian wine from our first dinner. 15.9% alcohol + 10 hours of travel + 2 hours of sleep = serious

My new friend and fellow 'merican Tyler (l) and Gianpiero, head of the investment fund that built the beautiful Chia Laguna resort

Views from the morning run, day 2. (Yes, those are real live actual pink flamingos!) I stole this photo from Tyler since my raging jet lag necessitated me sleeping for 11.5 hours straight through aforementioned run.

On the (very hilly and windy) half-marathon course tour with Tyler (l), agent and race director extraordinaire Marcello (m) and my gracious benefactor David Monti (r)

Just in case the 11 hours of sleep didn't cut it, my surefire post-lunch jet lag cure
Night #2, drinking glass of wine #1 with Jane Monti. Another evening begins.

My view from the swimming pool, where I vowed to remain the following day until achieving a legitimate sunburn. Three hours later, mission accomplished.

A pool, a cappuccino, a sunny Sardinian afternoon...what more could a girl want??