Thursday, April 25, 2013

BREAKING: Blog Still Not Updated

Meagan Nedlo Is in Sardinia, or Possibly Scandinavia

Meagan Nedlo is sorry she has not updated her blog recently. In light of recent events, there certainly has been much to talk about in the national and Greater Boston running community. And then there’s her running and the races she feels have been sub-par.

But to the point: Meagan Nedlo is in Sardinia, or maybe Scandinavia.

We’re not really sure where Nedlo has gone. It is definitely, probably somewhere in Europe that starts with an “s.”

What we do know is that on Tuesday evening Nedlo boarded one of those big planes that requires a passport and left on a very long flight that took all night. Upon landing in Siberia or wherever, she discovered her international power adapter (two prongs) doesn’t work with her laptop power cord (three prongs). So it is left to a sub-sub librarian to document her status as best he can.

More of what we know: Nedlo is in somewhere that could be Somalia to race a half marathon at the behest of a certain David Monti of Race Results Weekly in an effort to further international running relations. Like a diplomat in buns.

It also helps that wherever she is, there is a lot of wine.

The Sub-Sub is also reports that a certain Tyler McCandless, of Boulder, Colo., has joined Nedlo in this tour of good will. She describes him as “an absolute doll. Nicest person ever. He is the anti-me.”

On the roads in Saskatchewan, Nedlo hopes to rebound from what she has previously described as less-than-ideal recent races, which include a runner-up finish (35:33) at the Capitol 10k in Austin, Tex., and a 17:06 at the B.A.A. 5K. However, the pressure is all personal, as the Saskatoon race director has assured her that he “couldn’t care less” how she runs. And then he poured her another glass of wine.

There has been no word yet of autographs signed or National Anthems sung. But no doubt the Sub-Sub will post these numbers as they become available.

A final word: Don’t get your hopes up for too many photos; it appears that Nedlo is unsure how to work “that Instagram thing,” which she admits she is not wholly confident has been downloaded on her phone, anyway.

But keep checking back, and the Sub-Sub will continue to report as more information becomes available.

From Monti (@D9Monti), Mrs. Monti, McCandless (@TrackTy), Not Tyler McCandless (@Not_TrackTy), Bob’s Farm Fresh Eggs, and Nedlo herself (@MeaganNedlo), that’s all from St. Sebastian.

Yours faithfully,

The Sub-Sub Librarian


mainers said...

Have fun in Salzburg!

Gabriel Rodriguez said...

Absolutely brilliantly post.