Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Run in Chia

On Monday morning, I gingerly swung my legs over the side of the bed and tentatively flexed my ankles and calves. I feared the worst, and therefore was ever so slightly heartened by my range of mobility. To be sure, I was quite sore, but the sun was shining and it was my last day in Chia and I could hardly pass up one final opportunity for an island run. Plus, my new friend Tito, who placed third in the 10k, had promised to take me on a route that would allow me to leave "feeling like I'd truly seen Sardinia." (Just as important, he'd also promised to take it really, really easy on me.) Within minutes of departing the resort and heading toward the beach, it was clear he was not exaggerating on either count. For the next 90 or so minutes (but without ever starting my watch I was hardly keeping track), we traipsed across the almost liquid-fine sand and then embarked on one of the most beautiful trails with the most breathtaking backdrop I've ever seen. Lucky for me, Tito brought along a camera to document our adventures, so you can see for yourself below. If every other day of the trip had been rainy and inclement, if my race had gone even worse, if the food had been abysmal and the wine non-potable, if everything else had gone horribly wrong--but I'd been able to soak in this run--then I would've left Sardinia happier and richer than when I'd arrived.

All photo credits: Tito Tiberti