Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week in Review

100-101 miles
4 doubles 
2 successful workotus
15-mile long run
48 hours in NYC

When asked by a few people if I had a good time in New York this weekend, I replied with total honesty that it was perfect. Though jam-packed, it was 48 hours filled with just the right amount of everything: running, friends, wine, shopping and cake (gluten-free, per the birthday boy's new dietary restrictions). I loved spending time with my favorite Charlotte buddies as well as getting to know Jay's parents and other friends a bit better. Perhaps my favorite part of the weekend was Sunday's long run in the Park, which doubled as a reunion with some of my favorite girls (accompanied by the birthday boy, of course) and included special appearances by Betsy and even Teresa, who is newly transplanted to Brooklyn after a year-long Fulbright Fellowship in India. I barely noticed how tired my legs were from the day before as the miles passed with great conversation.

Looking forward, I'm just under two weeks out from the Hartford Marathon Half. This means I'll likely have two substantial workouts next week before dialing it back with a mini-taper before the race. I'm not quite sure what kind of shape I'm in, but the next fortnight should be very telling.