Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week in Review

105 miles
3 doubles
3 days in NYC
3 workouts
5 AFDs

Without question, this is the biggest week I've successfully completed since returning to "normal" training at the beginning of July. Not only did I hit my mileage goal, but I actually got in three quality efforts. Further, I had four single runs of 12 miles or more--the longest being Saturday's 17-mile workout, which actually ended up being farther than Sunday's 15-mile "long run" with Jay, Katie and a special guest appearance from Heidi--and those four runs occurred on four consecutive days (Thursday-Sunday). So, while I might have just thrown myself a pity party in the previous entry about my woeful lack of fitness, seeing these stats written down gives me confidence that huge gains are just around the corner.

Running aside, the weekend in NYC was awesome. Mom and I witnessed an epic women's final at the US Open on Sunday (complete with a Bill Clinton sighting! Eek!) and otherwise enjoyed the beautiful weather by taking leisurely walks on the Upper East Side, dining al fresco and taking in a spectacular Broadway production of Kinky Boots. If you are in New York anytime soon and haven't seen this show, make it a priority! (Just don't make the same mistake we did and end up seated next to the most obnoxious, demonstrative, excessively emotional person in the entire audience. Seriously, people, pipe down. It's a play, not a college football game.)

Our view in Arthur Ashe Stadium just before the women's final

And so, just like the final bite of icing from a Sprinkles cupcake (consumed while prone on the floor after Sarah demolished me Saturday morning), all good things must come to an end. Tomorrow is back to Boston, back to work and back to the quotidien. My only solace is knowing that Caitlin and I will be back in three weeks for Jay's epic 30th birthday celebration, which promises revelry and merriment and many more miles with friends. I can't wait!

But in the meantime...I'll just keep grinding.