Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week in Review

90 miles
4 doubles
15-mile long run
6x10 mins. core
4 AFDs

This was a solid week, with two decent workouts, a fun group long run at Battle Road (thanks for the Easter stickers, Jenn!) and a respectable mileage total. Looking ahead, I've got two road races coming up with no prize money on the line and no pressure or expectation to win--but, if executed correctly, with the chance to run two much-needed, long-awaited road PRs. Next Sunday I'll be in Austin at the prestigious Capitol 10k, then I'll return home to take part in the excitement of Boston Marathon weekend at the BAA 5k. I'm committed to striving for PRs, and Jordan and I agree it makes sense to dial back my mileage and intensity for the next few weeks as a taper of sorts. I've put in the work, and now I want to give myself the best chance possible to reap the rewards!