Friday, March 15, 2013

16x300 (Moderate) Success

Noon: 3.5 miles easy
PM: 4k w/u
Target: 16x300m: first 4 in 60, next 4 in 59, next 4 in 58, next 4 in 57 all w/35-40 sec. jog (100m)
Actual: (58, 60, 60, 61); (59, 57, 59, 59); (57, 57, 56, 57); (55, 56, 56, 55) all w/33-36 sec. jog
2k c/d
Total: ~7.5 miles
Daily total: 11 miles

A mere 48 hours later, Jordan and I found ourselves back at the Beverly High track for another, shorter speed session. I've done variations of this workout before, and it's always the same: on paper it looks so simple--"80-second quarter pace with a nice recovery jog in between? Piece of cake!"--but inevitably I end up struggling. The kicker is that the "nice recovery jog" ends up feeling mercilessly short by halfway through the workout, while at the same time the interval pace is (supposed to be) gradually getting faster.

Fortunately, and due in no small part to a healthy tailwind on the back straightaway, this went fine. Jordan kept the recovery far more honest than I would've on my own, but aerobically I almost always felt recovered after 30 seconds. My legs didn't have enough pop to really pick it up on the last segment, but after Wednesday's mile repeats I wouldn't expect them to. Given my previous challenges with this type of workout, I'm satisfied with today's effort.