Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week in Review

~55 miles
0 doubles
17 miles at Houston
14 miles at marathon goal pace
7 AFDs

There's no point in rehashing the past seven days of training, as essentially the week can be reduced down to yesterday's marathon and I already covered that. Looking ahead to next week I will be staying in Texas (Houston and Austin) until Wednesday to travel with our local sales rep and host a few wear test runs, which is always a lot of fun. I'm home on Wednesday night but not for long--headed to Atlanta on Friday so I can conduct a Saturday morning run club with some of my favorite peeps at West Stride. But wait--there's more! I'm flipping a U and driving back home Saturday night so that I can return to Charlotte in time for an event I have been looking forward to for weeks: the Craft/CRC/TrySports fun-stravaganza on Sunday afternoon! Yes, I know that Sunday is the Superbowl, but everyone needs to burn a few hundred calories before ingesting a few thousand more of the hot-winged variety. So if you're reading this in the Charlotte area, come by TrySports in Blakeney at 2pm for a fun run, a chance to wear test the best base layers in the history of Earth AND a sweet raffle for Craft products and TrySports goodies. This is going to be a blast and I am so looking forward to it--now if I can just make it through another half dozen or so states before then!