Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week in Review

95 miles
3 doubles
21 mile long run
4 AFDs

Without question, this was a defining week for me. Not only did I achieve my highest mileage in several years, but I did so while managing two of my strongest workouts in recent memory. It was these workouts that solidified my decision to man up and book my Houston flight, for better or for worse.

Looking ahead to next week, my mileage will surely be lower (which is not necessarily a bad thing, since I do have that pesky marathon on the horizon now). For starters, Snowpocalypse 2011 is scheduled to roll into Charlotte tonight, promising to wreak havoc and panic and poor driving skills across the Southeast. In addition, I have an incredibly busy and exciting week of work ahead. Tuesday through Thursday I will be in Chicago (which, though not anticipating snow, will no doubt be colder than I can even begin to imagine as I type this in my snuggly warm house); then Thursday I head west for 13.1 Los Angeles. I will be working the packet pickup and the post-race festivities, and in between the two I plan to run/tempo the race as well. That will most likely be my only structured workout of the week and thus needs to be high quality. So far it appears as though the weather and the course will be conducive to running fast and relaxed, just like McMillan advocated at the Distance Summit this past weekend. I can hardly wait to take a few runs in a city where the weather forecast is low 50/high 70 as far as the eye can see.

21 days until Houston.