Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week in Review

82 miles
4 doubles
15-mile long run
60 mins. deep stretch yoga
5x10 mins. core
4 runs with Caitlin

What can I say; any time spent in Charlotte makes for a fantastic week. (Yes, even if it was cold and rainy and dreary half the weekend.) Caitlin and I had a blast reveling in our homebody lameness, and most nights found us double fisting Nuun and wine (well, at least one of us was drinking the wine) before passing out into a deep, blissful slumber somewhere in the vicinity of 9:30pm. It was just perfect.

Other highlights of the weekend include:

  • visiting with one of my all-time favorite people, Dr. Greenapple, who took time out of his weekend to meet Caitlin and I at his office for treatment
  • much-needed Saturday afternoon pedicures with running buddy Laurie (God bless the poor woman who had to handle my gnarly warlocks.)
  • a stellar McAlpine long run on Sunday consisting of Caitlin and I and our male queenmaking entourage
  • powering through all (and I do mean every single episode) of season one of HBO's "Girls" in the span of 24 hours
  • an impromptu Oscar-viewing party on Sunday night which peaked before the first award was announced and somehow devolved into a thorough and detailed Google image search of "side boob" before petering out around 10
As with every Charlotte visit, I'm incredibly sad to leave, but my feelings are assuaged by the fact that I'll see lots of runner friends at Boston next month. Can't wait!

Early to see the good doctor = impromptu core session in his office hallway

Headed out for a cold, dreary, rainy--yet somehow still fun--run on Saturday afternoon