Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mercedes Half-Marathon Results

2.5 mile w/u
Target: win; run faster than last year (1:17:54)
Actual: 2nd place, $750, 1:19:28
2.5 mile c/d
Total: ~18 miles

I should give this race a proper recap, but I'm not going to. I'm too far behind on my blog and, to be honest, I'm too embarrassed to dignify a slower-than-marathon-pace race with a serious play-by-play. All you need to know is my legs felt heavy and tired, my stomach was not cooperating (had to detour to a port-o around mile 9) and I was never even remotely in contention for the win. At least I had a fun slumber party with Meggan Franks! At any rate, I hope I can consider the rust sufficiently busted for the next time around.