Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week in Review

87 miles
3 doubles
5 states (MA, NY, NJ, CT, PA) 
20+ mile long run
5 AFDs

Despite a lackluster race and hectic week of traveling, I still managed to salvage my mileage thanks to an epic Nahant run with Jordan on Sunday. Last time I traversed this loop was on Easter with Jordan and Emily, and I was so beat afterwards I swore I was sticking to two-hour long runs for the foreseeable future. At the time I didn't realize the foreseeable future would involve punishing myself for a craptastic 10k performance, so away I went! Fortunately it was an absolutely stunning, gorgeous morning, and though my spirits flagged when Jordan powered away over the final four miles, I felt much more spry finishing up the run (and throughout the rest of the day!) than on the last go around.

Speaking of Jordan, and in another stunning development, he is blogging again! Well, sort of. I wouldn't get your hopes up that this will last, but in an attempt to help him regain some of his disgruntled former fans I'll throw him a link. Plus, I'm lazy and would rather have this offer you an insight into what I've been doing than actually writing about what I've been doing. In a less stunning development, Jordan has a mullet. Lucky me.

So what's on tap for next week? No traveling, no races, just training and hanging out with Weezy. Oh, and potentially buying a condo. What, you thought I could have a normal, laid-back week for once? Silly you.


Rachel Phillips said...

I see this all the time on your posts - but what is an AFD?! Hahah!

mrn said...

ha, it stands for "alcohol free day." i love a good glass of wine and if i'm not careful i can end up drinking one or two every night with dinner. which isn't necessarily bad for you, but i don't think it's good for you either (plus expensive!) so i try to limit drinking to weekends only. as you can see over the course of my blog, some weeks i'm more successful than others!