Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week in Review

75 miles
2 doubles
6 days in Georgia
5 AFDs

Despite yesterday's epic fail, I'm actually quite pleased with this week's training. Had you asked me last Sunday, I would've predicted this week's total to end up in the 50-55 range given travel and my crazy work/expo schedule. Instead, I was able to complete a respectable 75 and even snuck in 5ish on Saturday morning before an epic 14+ hour workday. The week wasn't perfect, but it was the best I could've hoped for under the circumstances. I choose to believe that Wednesday's workout is indicative of my current fitness level, while today's race is indicative of nothing more than my current exhaustion level.

Fortunately/unfortunately, I'll have the chance to prove the veracity of that statement next Saturday in New York. I'll be racing (and working, of course) 13.1 NYC, which promises to be relatively flat and fast. I'll also be accompanied by the uber-fit Jay Holder who is fresh off a 4+ minute half-marathon PR last weekend en route to next month's Boston Marathon. He has graciously offered to keep me company as part of his marathon-paced workout, and I'm hoping his presence will help guide me to sweet sweet victory. Time to recover from a busy week in Atlanta and prepare for an entirely new busy week in NYC!


mfranks said...

Regardless of how the workout went this past weekend, I predict a huge PR. Good luck.