Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week in Review

75 miles
1 double
3 flights
5 AFDs

Welp, this week was largely unimpressive. I planned to hit at least 80 miles, but three evening flights and three workdays ending past 7pm proved prohibitive. (Dropping out of a half marathon less than halfway through didn't exactly help either.) I had a great workout on Wednesday before leaving Boston, but given that it was designed as a "pre-race" effort it likely wasn't long enough to engender any appreciable fitness gains. Nor was the five mile "tempo" that today's race devolved into. Sigh.

On a positive note, my motivation to train and get fit is now at a near all-time high, buoyed by several friends' stellar weekend race performances. Check it out:

  • Camille Herron coming within seconds of her Trials PR with a 2:37:18 win at The Woodlands Marathon in Houston
  • My Mercdes racing buddy Meggan Franks joining the sub-2:50 club with a new 2:49:06 PR and win at the Rock 'n Roll New Orleans Marathon
  • Jay Holder rocking his first sub-16 minute 5k on a hilly course in NYC
  • My Boston/NYC pal Betsy popping a 16:42 out of nowhere at the same NYC race while knee-deep in marathon training
Good grief, if that's not enough motivation to kick my butt into shape, I don't know what is! Fortunately I have a rare entire week at home coming up, and with Jordan out of town for work I'll have nothing else to do other than go to work, train and hang out with Weezy. I should also have a chance to venture into the big city next weekend for a BAA run or two, which is always worth the trip. Time to get serious!