Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week in Review

66-67 miles
2 doubles
2 days in Atlanta
3 days in Birmingham
1 new PR

A full month removed from the Trials, I finally feel as though I'm truly recovered and ready to kick my training back into gear. I aimed to hit 70 miles this week and fell a bit short, but that's okay. (It probably didn't help that I logged a measly three miles on Friday, but don't judge me! I had a 12 hour workday including travel.) Next week, however, my Karhu responsibilities will take me to two terrific but completely different running cities, Austin and NYC, and I should be able to log decent mileage amid account visits. After a few days of easy running to recover from the half, I hope to attempt a workout and a solid long run later this week. It's time to start training!

Also, my "Week in Review" post would be hopelessly lacking without mentioning the greatest news of the week: Caitlin and Garrett got engaged! Woohoo! Of course Cicero was involved in the proposal. I'll have much more to say about this in the coming weeks and months, but for now let me express my sincere joy and excitement, both for the wedding and for the preceding bachelorette party which I will get to help plan as part of my newly minted bridesmaid duties. Congrats, Caitlin and Garrett!


Caitlin Chrisman said...

I totally missed this post and then I saw my name in the label and thought maybe you'd met a new Caitlin. Instead I read the post and saw the shutout. Can't wait!