Wednesday, February 29, 2012

13.1Miami Pre-Race Workout

3 mile w/u + strides
Target: 15 min. tempo @5:45 pace; 3 min. jog; 3x3 min. @5:35 pace w/2 min. jog
Actual: Above
2.5 mile c/d
Total: 11 miles

Since I'm flying to Miami later this afternoon, I was afforded the opportunity to work from home for most of the day. It was nice not to be forced out the door by 6am to get this workout done, but with a reported impending snowstorm on the way--which will likely be the first/last/only one this winter--I knew I couldn't postpone forever. By the time I took a break from the computer and headed for the Neck around 11am it was cold, clear and eerily calm. There's almost always an ocean breeze blowing in Marblehead, particularly on the causeway leading to and from the Neck, but today the tree branches were motionless. Perfect workout weather!

Sure enough, I felt terrific throughout this effort despite being completely solo. My stride felt strong and light, and I delighted in pressing hard through some of the Neck's hilliest portions. Weather like this is definitely my sweet spot...which might be foreshadowing for how things will play out on Sunday in Miami. The snow began to fall a few short hours after completing my workout, and the juxtaposition of seeing the flurries swirling outside our dining room window--so thick I couldn't even see the causeway, normally clearly visible from that vantage point--while packing shorts and t-shirts into my suitcase was a bit surreal. I'm not sure how ideal the sweltering Miami heat will be for running, but at least I hope to come home Sunday with a sweet tan!