Friday, February 17, 2012

Austin Fartlek With Allison

3 mile w/u
Target (in minutes): 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5
5-4-3 @MP, 2-2-3 @1/2 MP, 4-5 @10k
Actual: Above
4 mile c/d
Total: 12-12.5 miles

After spending most of the week working and running--in short sleeves, no less!--in the great city of Austin, I finally felt ready to attempt a workout on Friday morning. My good friend and Olympic Trials running partner Allison, who has gamely volunteered to pace the Rogue Running 3:15 group at Austin Marathon in just a few days, was also interested in trying something uptempo. After requestin
g a workout based on time, not distance, from Jordan since we wanted to stick to the soft surface around Town Lake, he came up with the above. It looked challenging but incredibly doable, and both Allison and I were excited to give it a go.

Overall, I thought this went incredibly well. Of course, having no idea of our actual pace or distance, in reality we could've royally bombed it. But I don't think so; if anything, we might have been a little quick on our early intervals. The footing was a bit of a challenge in places due to standing puddles and thick, clumpy dirt from the previous night's rain, but the effort was right on point. Aerobically I was quite comfortable and my legs felt pretty darn peppy, and I'm both excited and relieved to feel comple
tely recovered from both the Trials (finally) and the Mercedes Half (quicker than expected). Not to mention today's session served as a perfect opportunity to talk Allison into racing the Philly Marathon with Caitlin and I in the fall since our workout felt just like the Trials again!

Our core group from the Trials with Allison
and me side by side

There was no time for dilly-dallying after the workout as we parted ways in a hurry, Allison to spend a day at the marathon expo and myself to prepare for another cross-country flight. I've got a busy, fun and productive weekend planned in NYC. Time to hit the road (and the air) again!