Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week in Review

82 miles
3 doubles
4 days in Chicago
5 AFDs

Is it becoming a bit repetitive to say I had a busy week? Spending more than several consecutive days in my own home is a rare occurrence and this week was no exception. Our next 13.1 isn't until Minneapolis in August, but I still have tons of travel on tap before then, including another visit to Texas on Tuesday and a return trip to Chicago for the Fleet Feet Conference at the end of the month.

As for training, I think I've thoroughly exhausted the topic of yesterday's thoroughly exhausting race. I capped the week off with a fun, relaxed trail run at Sherman Branch with some CRC buddies on Sunday, followed by iced coffee, the French Open, pool time, froyo, a trip to Trader Joe's and some relaxation time with Jordan and Weezy--I challenge you to tell me a better way to relax on a post-race Sunday! I'm looking forward to next week's soft surface runs at Town Lake in Austin and hopefully a solid workout mid-week. The Running of the Bulls 8k is less than two weeks away and I hope to feel fit and fresh by then. Onward!