Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week in Review

87 miles
3 doubles
3 days in DC
2 runs with Jilane
5 AFDs

As the month of June rapidly comes to a close, with it comes a respite from the seemingly continuous racing I've been doing the past few months. Now that the Running of the Bulls 8k is in the books, I don't really have anything else coming up until the Beat the Heat 5k in a double fortnight. (Okay, that's probably not an actual expression. Damn you Wimbledon!) With all of the top five finishers from last weekend slated to return for the 5k champs, Beat the Heat could end up pushing all of us to some pretty quick times.

Though I do hope to be competitive at that race, the 5k is definitely not my focus. After talking at length with Jordan about how we want my training to shape up before I begin my marathon block in preparation for the Trials, I think we're going to use the rest of the summer as an opportunity to gradually increase the mileage and strength while backing off a bit on the intensity. If you look at my log, I've more or less averaged 80-85 mpw for the past three months excluding a few planned down weeks. Now we'll look to bring that number up into the 90-100 range while still utilizing strategic breaks when sensible. One of those breaks will actually take place this coming week, as I'll be traveling to Chicago for the Fleet Feet Conference and most likely won't have time to log many high mileage days. (Workouts are even less likely.) Whether I'll reach 60 or 80 on the week is TBD, but either way it will mostly be slow and casual. Once I return to Charlotte and have a (relatively) extended stretch at home, the mileage bump will begin. Knowing my propensity for injury I'm aware that I'll have to be diligent in monitoring any seemingly minor aches or pains, but as of now my body feels healthy and strong. I'm excited to begin this next phase of my training cycle as I progress toward my ultimate goal, the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials.


Aaron Linz said...

wow. did not realize u have been consistently pushinig that mileage for 3+ months. Nice! Dig the plan summer plans. Any break in early fall? Long push until trials.