Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week in Review

85 miles
3 doubles
4 days in Austin
5 AFDs

The summer heat has descended upon us in full force, and nowhere is that more apparent than Austin, Texas. While I love running there, I can't say I was thrilled about 100+ degree temperatures all week. Though the intensity of my runs wasn't anything out of the ordinary, the sheer volume of mileage coupled with the weather and my travel schedule translated into some wicked dehydration come the weekend. At one point on Friday night, out to dinner with my friend Allison and her boyfriend, I looked down at my feet and almost gasped out loud. They were puffy and swollen almost to the point of being unrecognizable as my own (although when in doubt, the bunions are a dead giveaway). A sluggish run on Saturday and a failed "workout" on Sunday so pitiful I can't even bring myself to write about it further reinforced the realization that I need to take some time to truly relax and recover. With the 8k less than a week away, this is a slightly worrisome feeling.

Unfortunately, that rest won't happen right away. I'm driving up to DC on Monday afternoon for some account visits and a run club at Pacers on Tuesday. I'll make the return trip sometime on Wednesday and have a little less than two days to hang out at home before traveling to Durham for the race. Caitlin and I have grand plans of working together and really putting forth an honest effort, so needless to say I'll be extremely disappointed if my body decides not to cooperate. I'm going to take serious measures to ensuring I'm as rested and hydrated as possible by then and hope that my legs will be able to do the rest.