Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week In Review

70-71 miles

2 doubles
4 days in CHI
3 AFDs (oops)

As promised, I enjoyed a relative down week of training. Though my mileage wasn't terribly low--and, in fact, would've been higher if I hadn't confessed to Jordan on Saturday afternoon that I was already at 65 miles, thus inciting him to relegate me to a measly five mile run on Sunday--there were really no workouts to speak of. True, I did do 16x1 min. on, 1 min. off with Caitlin at an ungodly early hour on Tuesday morning, but what the session delivered in speed it made up for with a relative lack of volume. The remainder of my runs took place in Chicago with new friends like Jill--whom I originally met at 13.1 Miami, then 13.1 NYC, then hung out with in Dallas, then reunited with at 13.1 Chicago--and old friends like Claire Shearman, my former Mizuno co-worker who now designs apparel for New Balance. Five or six years ago we both moved to Atlanta sight unseen to undertake new positions in the running industry and quickly became inseparable morning running buddies. Some of my fondest memories of the ATL include Claire, which made it a real treat to be able to spend some time with her and countless other industry peeps at the Fleet Feet conference this past week. (It's like a high school reunion, only with people you actually want to see!)

The best part of this week in running? Knocking out my Sunday five miler with JSK by my side. I've missed my running buddy over the recent weeks and months as he struggled through a series of debilitating injuries, and nothing makes me happier than the prospect of returning to our almost daily routine of matching each other stride for stride (that is, when I'm not making him block the wind and drag me through workouts while I stare at his back).

Looking ahead, my mileage increase will begin on schedule tomorrow. Several of my early runs will take place in Charleston, where I'll be traveling with Jordan and my parents after they arrive later today for a much awaited visit. A running mecca it is not, but the one positive about logging the miles in Chucktown is that it will make Charlotte seem cool and devoid of humidity by comparison when we get home. Either way, it can only make me tougher.

Let the summer training begin!