Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week in Review

81 miles
3 doubles
6 AFDs
2 nights in Raleigh/Durham
$500 won

Another solid week of mileage and workouts capped off with a successful race. I'm definitely moving in the right direction and, more importantly, my knee/ITB seems to be holding up to the increased demands put upon it. I'm still striving to do my strengthening exercises 3x per week in addition to 2x per week core and now 2x per week drills, which will only become increasingly important as my training intensifies. Next week I'm off to Texas and OKC from Monday to Sunday, which promises hot weather--98 in Austin tomorrow?!?--and an erratic schedule but will hopefully still allow me to achieve my mileage goals.

The goal remains: move forward.


Lucinda said...

Great meeting you last weekend. Looking froward to seeing you at Running of the Bulls next month. Maybe we can cool down together again. Keep up the great training!

mrn said...

it was great to meet you too! see you in durham--let's sweep the top 4 spots!