Monday, March 14, 2011

Week in Review

83 miles
4 doubles
2 races
4 runs in the District

Yup, that's us with Mufasa in the background. NBD.

Another busy, fun, challenging week draws to a close. Looking back at my goals from last week, I succeeded in increasing my mileage and definitely in upping the intensity. My two days of back to back racing have left me with a bit of a sore left knee/IT band, so I will probably take things pretty easy tomorrow and try to get in to see someone at Dr. Greenapple's office ASAP. Still, it was totally worth it. As my friend, Pacer's manager Robbie Wade, said to me after our race through the National Mall on Sunday morning, it's not often that you have a chance to run down the most important street in the entire world and have it closed down just for you. (And he's not even American, so there was no ethnocentric bias to his comment!)

As is often the case with these trips, one of the best parts was the opportunity to spend some much-needed quality time with friends. D-Night was once ag
ain gracious enough to allow us to crash with him for three nights, plus we got to hang out with several of Jordan's friends from college including Tushar (who is brand new to DC and possibly more directionally challenged than I am), Ben Clark (not to be confused with his doppelganger Pat Clark or his other doppelganger Napoleon Dynamite), pong host extraordinaire George McArdle and the famous/infamous Ben Stern. Our weekend culminated with a late Sunday brunch at Open City--a favorite of Jilane's--and a spontaneous yet thoroughly rewarding trip to the National Zoo! We arrived back to Dave's on Sunday night exhausted and content and smelling vaguely like monkeys--in short, a perfect way to end the week.

Tush, Ben S., Jordan and Ben C. taking a stroll through their natural habitat

Looking ahead, next week promises to be even crazier as the Georgia Marathon looms on the horizon. This is our first year as the title sponsor so it will be all hands on deck from early Thursday morning until late Sunday night. I'm also squeezing in a trip to one of my favorite accounts in the entire world, the Trak Shak, for a Karhu-sponsored fun run and St. Patty's Day costume contest on Wednesday night. Winner gets a free pair of green Karhus! Bring your green hat! If you're reading this in the Birmingham or Atlanta area, be sure to stop by and visit me sometime this week. It's going to be non-stop action and excitement and of course I wouldn't have it any other way.