Wednesday, March 9, 2011

May Angels Lead You In

4 mile w/u + strides
Target: 5x6 mins. w/2:30 rest, starting @5:50 down to 5:30; 4x90 secs. hard w/2 min. jog
Actual: 5xmile @5:50, 5:49, 5:43, 5:48, 5:40; 4x90 secs. hard
10 min. c/d
Total: 12+ miles

Within minutes of waking up this morning I learned the tragic news of Sally Meyerhoff's death. Instantly my heart sank and all previous worries about my workout suddenly seemed inconsequential, almost silly. Though I didn't know Sally well, I've always admired her fearless spirit and seemingly indomitable capacity for hard work. Sally was only 27, just a year younger than me, and she undoubtedly had a bright and robust future ahead of her. Possibly the saddest aspect of this tragedy is that it seems as though it could've been avoided. Sally was a seasoned athlete and well-versed on the rules of the road, and yet she made a small mistake that engendered devastating consequences. How often do any of us hit the streets for a run or ride with careless abandon, failing to notice--or worse, choosing to ignore--potentially dangerous traffic situations because we feel invincible and have gotten away with the same recklessness a thousand times before? For me personally, today's news was a sobering reminder that none of us are immune from these risks. I would implore you to never take your safety, or the awareness of other drivers and pedestrians, for granted. Please, please be careful out there.

With heavy legs and even heavier hearts, Caitlin and Billy and I dedicated our workout this morning to Sally and the people who loved her the most. Our run was not particularly good--in fact, it was one of the poorer workouts I've had in some time--but we all understood that wasn't the point. To quote Caitlin, Sally was on our minds every step of the way. "The only thing that matters today is that I have the opportunity to live and breathe, which is something that should not be taken for granted. You are in our hearts, Sally!"

May angels lead you in
Hear you me my friends
On sleepless roads the sleepless go
May angels lead you in


Stephen Spada said...

Makes you think...thanks Meagan!