Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week in Review

78 miles
3 doubles
0 workouts
1 ugly sweater party
4 AFDs

Am I really typing this entry five days before Christmas?? Holy moly, how time flies! It is incredible to think that 2010 is less than two weeks from becoming a slowly disappearing object in my rearview mirror. Many of my fellow bloggers are jumping the gun a bit to produce their "year in review" lists, but I'll probably hold off a few more days on that. Instead, let's take a brief look at this penultimate week before Christmas.

For starters, the Achilles and/or lower leg is better. Not 100%, but better. I'd put it at about 92% and steadily improving. The fact that I was able to notch almost 80 miles while still rehabbing and not feeling my best gives me some mental confidence, but the knowledge that I'm still not able to work out sort of cancels out any of those gains. Jordan has rightfully reined me in a few times, such as when I wanted to join in for Caitlin's stellar 3x2 mile workout on Friday, telling me under no uncertain terms that I am not allowed to go hard until this thing is licked. I know he's right, but with a goal race looming on the horizon it's hard to remain patient. Still, I'm trying.

The other confounding factor of the week was the snow/ice that impeded my DC travel. The fact that I managed to make it home without slipping on the sidewalk or sliding Mini into a curb or achieving some other vehicular misfortune is about the best one can hope for in that type of situation. I will return to the District one final time next week, this time with my trusty co-pilot in tow, for the last City Sports DC Run Club of the season and a few more store visits. After that, Jordan and I will make our way to Mason, OH for our Christmas celebration. Last time we were here Jordan wrestled with the swine flu and I was struggling with shin sp
lints, so let's hope that this visit goes much more smoothly. We are both pretty excited about catching up with his family members and seeing little sis Madison's new kitty, so this should be a great trip.

I will close with a few photos from arguably the highlight of the week, Tyler/Matt/Jay's Ugly Sweater Party on Saturday night. Our dysfunctional family comprising me, Jordan, John and Caitlin failed in finding sweaters but succeeded in looking sufficiently awkward in a set of matching little kids' pajamas from Target. Matt apparently had the same idea, but his PJ's fit better (and by "better" I mean "more like Hugh Hefner"). We made quite the motley
crew and hopefully did justice to the Awkward Family Photos site we were hoping to pay homage to. Christmas, consider yourself properly celebrated.