Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week in Review

80 miles
3 doubles
7 days in Charlotte
5 AFDs

This entire week was built around Wednesday's monster workout, and it went incredibly well. The flip side is that now my left Achilles is in a bad way. I'm still able to run, but it's stiff and swollen for most of the day and growing increasingly uncomfortable. I had planned to go at least 12 this morning but cut it to 10 after things didn't improve. While at home I've been rehabbing like a madwoman with ice, heat, epsom salts, compression socks and the Stick. Treatment seems to lead to some noticeable immediate improvement, but I'm still waking up in the morning with some pronounced tightness. It doesn't help that next week promises record low temperatures and lots of time in the car, neither of which is conducive to loosening up these old legs. I'm hoping this recent unpleasant development doesn't curtail my plans for Club XC next season, and even more hopeful that it doesn't compromise my upcoming training for Houston Marathon. I'll know more in the next few days.

In the meantime, I'm hitting the road again. I'm driving to Atlanta tonight to spend Monday traveling with our new rep Kyla, then home Monday night to prepare for a 12-hour turnaround. Tuesday morning I depart for DC, where Craft and Karhu is sponsoring the City Sports run club for the month of December. I'll stick around to visit some accounts on Wednesday, then head back to the Carolinas on Thursday for a Craft wear test run at Fleet Feet Raleigh. And then finally I will return home Friday morning just in time for a busy weekend of running in Charlotte! Whew! It's a crazy lifestyle but so far I'm loving it.