Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week in Review

45 miles
1 double
1 day off
4 nights on the road (ATL, DC, Raleigh)
6 AFDs

Welp, my mileage was quite literally cut in half this week due to the Achilles/lower leg muscle thing. On a positive note, I made it through Club XC despite this niggle and was able to run well for the team. On a negative note, it's pretty stiff and sore today. Such is to be expected. I can only hope I'm able to train through it and not compromise another few weeks of mileage, as Houston Marathon is a mere six weeks away. I have a feeling that several visits to Greenapple & co. will be in my immediate future.

Moving on. This was an incredibly busy week followed by an equally busy weekend, but in reflecting it was an absolute blast. I had a great time visiting accounts and putting on a Craft and Karhu wear test run in the nation's capital; maybe it's because I'm an outsider, but I'm certain that running up the National Mall at dusk and seeing the White House Christmas tree ablaze will never get old. Big thanks to my friends Dave Nightingale (more on him in a minute) and Sarah Swiss for letting me crash with them in their respective cities and saving hundreds of dollars from my travel budget as well. Dave has more of the same to look forward to next week as I return to DC again from Tuesday until Thursday. I've just finally gotten the hang of navigating around the seemingly infinite number of traffic circles and circuitous back roads in the District and will hopefully repeat my nearly blemish-free driving record from last week (didn't wreck, didn't get hopelessly lost, only received one nominal parking ticket).

And then, of course, there was this weekend. What an amazing few days to be in Charlotte. Between the Thunder Road Marathon, the USATF Club XC Champs and the ensuing afterparty, suffice it to say the Queen City did things up right. Everyone who competed in these races ran their little hearts out, but a few shoutouts are deserved for the following:

Danielle Crockford rebounding from a DNF in Chicago to shatter her PR (and the 3-hour mark) and claim victory at TRM
Dave Nightingale enjoying a belated 25th birthday present by finishing a surprising 3rd at Club XC
Queens University of Charlotte stud Michael Crouch rebounding one week after his victory at DII Nationals to take fourth at Club XC (girlfriend Sarah Porter of Western Washington placed 2nd and 7th respectively at both races)
Billy Shue staying tough to set his own PR of 2:41 at TRM
Matt Jaskot finishing the Club XC race wearing a pair of neon green shorts with CRC logos emblazoned on both butt cheeks less than three hours after biking 30+ miles all over the TRM course (same goes for Aaron Linz minus the butt cheek part)
Ben Hernandez finishing the marathon despite pulling a Jordan Kinley and barely training
Camille Herron woman-ing up to race Club XC and scoring for her team despite just winning Dallas White Rock Marathon in 2:42 less than a week prior
CRC women's team finishing 9th overall in our Club XC debut!

Many more kudos are due, but these are the ones that immediately come to mind. This weekend made me realize how privileged and grateful I am to participate in the sport I love with such an amazing running community, both local and national. If this weekend doesn't get you pumped up for training, I don't know what will. See you out there!