Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week in Review

83 miles
4 doubles
5 days in Austin
2 days in Ft. Worth
1? AFD

What a week. Austin was incredibly busy--I enjoyed neither the luxury of sleeping past 5:30am nor cracking open a computer until Friday--but it was also a great time. Rarely does the opportunity present itself to reunite with so many familiar faces, and I'm incredibly thankful that I was able to see old friends and new while down in the Lone Star State.

As far as running goes, overall I'm pleased with the week. If nothing else, getting in the volume was an accomplishment considering how busy I was. I also shocked the hell out of myself with a respectable 5k on a very tough course on Wednesday, which is another tally in the "plus" column. From a self-preservation perspective, the best part of this week was the amount of miles spent on soft surfaces. Thanks to the dirt loop around Town Lake and the almost entirely unpaved Trinity River trail in Ft. Worth, I can literally count on one hand the number of runs that took place on pavement. (That would be the warmup and 5k race on Wednesday and our loop of White Rock Lake in Dallas on Saturday, for a total of 14 paved miles, in case you were wondering.)

The big question mark for the week ahead is my health. Jordan and I are spending the week in East Texas with my parents, and I'm anticipating a big week of training including some tough workouts on the undulating blacktop roads behind my parents' neighborhood. Coming down with a cold means we'll have to play all of that by ear. Either way, I hope to spend the week catching up on rest, eating good food and spending time with the fam. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!