Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week in Review

80-81 miles
4 days in FTL
2 doubles
13.1 miles along the beach

Apologies all around, as I'm seriously behind schedule in typing this up. Though the post is dated for Sunday, it's actually the following Friday as we speak. Things have been crazy busy in Austin (which is another post) and this is literally the first time I've cracked open a computer since I blogged about my race in the hotel lobby on Sunday afternoon.

What I do remember about the week in question is that it was seriously frontloaded to accomodate my travel and work schedule for 13.1. When I embarked for Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday morning I'd already put 52 miles on my feet for the week, but would only notch 28 more for the remaining three days. It would've been kind of cool to see how high I could've taken things had I not been working 12-hour days all weekend, but it's probably best that I don't push the limits too much right now. My health and fitness are finally starting to come around and I shouldn't do anything dumb to mess it up.