Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week in Review

90 miles
11 runs
1 trail race victory
3 runs in PVD
12 avocados

Still not quite the triple digits I was hoping for, but overall I'm pleased with this week especially in light of the recent heat wave that has relentlessly gripped all of New England. Having spent plenty of summers on the precipice of hell in Atlanta, Charlotte and East Texas, I can honestly say this ranks right up there with the sweatiest of them, and with no sign of breaking for the next week.

It probably didn't help that my running companion for the weekend, Kim, detests getting up early on principle. Honestly, though, with weather like this there's really no "good" time to be outside so you might as well enjoy a few extra hours of sleep when you can. Our A-team group of myself, Jordan, Pat and Kim didn't make it out the door for our Sunday 12-miler until close to noon. By that point, even the shaded trails we sought out didn't do much to shield us from the elements. We survived, but it wasn't pretty.

That said, it was all worth it for a fun weekend in Providence spent running, eating, lounging, watching Le Tour (and reruns of Honey Boo Boo in the afternoon when Kim and I were alone) and frying things. For Saturday dinner the boys grilled burgers outside while Kim and I slaved over a hot fry-o-lator (gifted to the two lovebirds by Molly for their nuptials) preparing homemade tortilla chips and, by far the highlight of the evening, fried pickles. No EPO needed, folks; the secret sauce of the Providence Olympic contingent is a little batter, a little canola oil and a lot of salt. Mmmm, delicious perfection.

Step 1: Spend $8 on ridiculous couture Whole Foods pickles

Step 2: Batter, fry, repeat

Step 3: Enjoy a tasty golden-brown treat!