Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week in Review

85 miles
11 runs
1 road race victory
1 hitchhiking incident
10? avocados 

This wasn't a perfect first week of training, but it was a start. I'm learning pretty quickly that I need to relinquish the mindset of making direct comparisons to last summer. Back in the glory days of July '12, it was so easy, so seamless (at least in hindsight) to transition into triple digits. This time around I seem to be working harder and struggling more on "easy" runs, although in my defense I think it has to be due in no small part to this oppressive heat (and humidity!) wave we're dealing with. You would think that as a born and raised Southerner I would be inured to it by now, but sadly that doesn't appear to be the case. Saturday's field trip to hell left me nauseous and borderline comatose for the remainder of the day, so by the time my Sunday long-ish run with Carly and Emily rolled around I was defeated before I even began. I actually had to stop and walk at the end of what was supposed to be a relaxed 12-miler, which I suppose would've been amusing in a self-deprecating sort of way except I was too exhausted and defeated to muster a chuckle. (I love how Emily, who knows me so well, asked me afterward in a tone of complete sincerity, "Are you sure you're drinking enough Frappuccinos?") Here's to hoping next week is better, cooler, and all around more conducive to raising the mileage totals!