Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week in Review

102 miles
11 runs
15-mile long run
2 Frappuccinos
3 meals from Life Alive (#obsessed)
3 AFDs (oops)

It's hard to believe, but this marks 7 of the past 9 weeks at 100 miles or higher. For most elite and professional runners, this is bordering on mundane. For most "normal" people, this is bordering on insane. For me, someone whose ability and mindset resides somewhere in the middle of those two groups, it is unquestionably the longest stretch of self-proclaimed "high mileage" training I've ever been able to string together at one time. I would be lying if I didn't admit I'm pretty surprised I've been able to do it. Not necessarily from a logistical standpoint--although trying to fit in the miles while working full-time and traveling here and there and everywhere in between has presented its share of challenges--but simply because I've never been able to maintain a volume level even close to this without physically breaking down. This time, things could not be more different. Despite bouts of fatigue and tiredness--the past seven days being a salient example of this--overall I've found myself feeling stronger, fitter and, inexplicably, faster as the weeks pass, despite doing very little in the way of structured workouts or races. Don't get me wrong; I am keenly aware that many weeks and hurdles separate me from my end goal of the Philly Marathon, but I'm convinced that my summer training has provided me with my best base fitness ever leading into the fall season.

Battle Road: the site of another stellar Sunday long run with Jordan, Jenn, Emily, Caroline, Wayne, Terry and Kevin
Looking ahead, I've got one more week of 100+ on tap before taking a slight break. I plan to frontload the week in anticipation of the Labor Day weekend and the inevitable debauchery of the Smith-Tarpy wedding on Saturday (which unfortunately means I'm unable to participate in the Chrisman bachelorette debauchery in the California wine country). With a busy first week of September ahead, including four days of event/expo madness at the Chicago Half-Marathon, it only makes sense to anticipate a decrease (if not altogether halt) in my ambitious mileage pursuits. Since plenty of marathon-specific intensity awaits me come late September, I have no doubt the reprieve is well-timed. Until then, however, I'll carry on with the new normal.


mfranks said...


jayloh said...

100+ miles is nuts, to this "normal" runner. :)
If running was your job, meaning you didn't have any other employment or obligations, would you work your way up to more mpw?
(yuck. That was a nasty run-on sentence, eh?)
Just curious if it's life or phyisical limitations, at this point.

mrn said...

hi jayloh, that's a good question. honestly i don't think my mileage would change much--i would maybe get up to the 110 range, but i could be doing that now with a longer "long" run--but what i would definitely take advantage of is the opportunity to do more of the "little things": core work (which i do a few times per week but not nearly the frequency or duration that i should), stretching, massage, drills/plyos, daily naps, etc. those are the things that take up 2-4 hours of the day that i simply don't have.