Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week in Review

100 miles
11 runs
17-mile long run
2 runs with Dad
1 5k victory
3 Frappuccinos

By all accounts, this was a successful return to high mileage after last week's relative break. I'm still equally pleased and perplexed by Thursday's near-PR 5k despite having done no tangible workouts in several months. Heck, I ran a full five seconds faster than at the BAA 5k in April--arguably a faster course and better weather--when I was crushing 5k and 10k workouts left and right. If anything, Thursday reinforced my commitment to stay the course with this "Summer of Malmo" training for at least another month. I feel surprisingly fit and stronger by the day, and I can only imagine how this will benefit me in the fall if I can stay healthy and stick with it.

Tied with the 5k for the best part of this week's training was the weekend mileage with my dad. Jordan and I had a great time hosting my parents in our new condo and showing them some of our favorite spots in Salem. Unfortunately, despite my assurances about the mild New England summer, the miserably hot and humid weather indigent to my home state seemed to have followed my parents across the country. For my dad, who has suffered through countless sweltering runs over the past few months, I'd hoped Mother Nature would provide a much-needed reprieve. Instead he was forced to slog through a few tough morning runs, which he did without (much) complaining because he's pretty darn tough. Weather aside, as always it was a treat to share some miles with him.

I'd love to continue sharing my thoughtful recap and training musings, but I've got to go eat some ice cream. All this running is making me hungry, and tomorrow will bring more of the same. Time to top off the tank!