Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week in Review

~60 miles
2 days off
14 laps on the Lowell track
1 unicorn pinata

After dropping out of the 10k, I was understandably frustrated. Fortunately there was plenty of activity to divert my mind, namely the baby shower that I was helping Emily host for Carly the following day. You would think that by 12 hours before a party you're throwing for 19 people, preparations would be largely under control. Instead, Jordan and I headed straight back to Emily's after the track meet and stayed up into the wee hours drinking wine (me), baking yummy treats (her) and singing along to our favorite song from "Rent" (both of us). 

The following morning, despite the promise of gorgeous sunny weather and good company, I opted out of the two-hour Lincoln Woods trail run in favor of resting my increasingly tender foot. I spent those hours pouting, assisting the baby shower sous chefs (aka Emily's husband and brother) and finishing up last-minute party prep. I was bummed to miss the run but quickly distracted by the afternoon's revelry and merriment, including but not limited to eating tasty food, puff painting ambiguous animal shapes onto onesies and teeing off on a BAA-themed pinata. If there's more to be desired from a baby shower I can't imagine what it might be.

Lovely running ladies in non-running clothes for a change.

Yup, that happened.

Looking ahead, much of next week is a big foot-shaped question mark. I've got a month until the US Half Championships and, despite repeated performances to the contrary, I'm confident in my fitness right now. That said, I could still use a few more solid workouts and longer tempos to really wrap everything up nicely--but only if I'm 100% healthy. Sigh. I'm definitely going to play the next few days by ear and cross my fingers that my foot will cooperate.


mfranks said...

Whatever you decide about the track or the roads, you've really had an impressive spring. I'm sure the rest of the year will be much more impressive!