Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week in Review

86-87 miles
4 doubles
1 BAA workout
1 5k victory
4 AFDs

A solid week of training, a successful 5k, glorious weekend weather and visits from both of Jordan's parents--what more could a girl ask for? I'm pleased with the solid block of training I've constructed in the recent weeks and months and am optimistic it will all come to fruition next weekend at the NB Twilight 10k. All the pieces are in place, now it's just time to execute.

Interested in spending a few more minutes procrastinating whatever it is you're supposed to be doing right now? (Because, let's face it, reading my blog ain't it.) Then search no more! Check out Runners Connect, where esteemed coach Jeff "G-Unit" Gaudette graciously hosted me for a lengthy interview on "changing your mindset about what is possible with your running."  Several days later, regional running site The Level Renner featured my recent 12x800 workout in their new weekly training segment, Negative Splits. Thanks to both of them for giving me the opportunity to yammer on about myself for a few minutes and, in a perfect world, ideally impart a few kernels of wisdom from one runner to another.