Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week in Review

80-81 miles
3 doubles
7 nights in Marblehead
2 nights in our new house
4 AFDs

With most of the weekend devoted to moving into our new place, Jordan and I are finally starting to feel like Marblehead residents. Of course, with half our belongings (including Weezy!) still waiting for us in Charlotte, it's difficult to truly feel grounded anywhere. It will likely take several more weeks and at least one more epic road trip before this new chapter of our life can officially begin. Every day is an adventure, that's for sure.

From a running perspective, I'm comfortable with where I'm at right now. Comfortable, yet hungry for more. For comparison's sake, this time last year I was just a few weeks off a foot injury that had me sidelined for the entire month of September. On October 24, 2010, I averaged 6:00 pace for the Uptown Run 8k. Last weekend I ran over five seconds faster per mile for twice the distance, and on October 22nd I hope to race 13.1 Dallas at approximately the same pace as the Uptown Run. It's obvious that I'm in significantly better shape than this time last year, now I just need to stay healthy until the Trials and trust that the fitness will come.