Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Become a Karhu shoe reviewer!

Since I get questions and comments all the time about my sweet Karhu kicks, I thought I'd pass along this exciting opportunity to try them out yourself. Simply "like" our Karhu Facebook page, then click on the tab at left that says "Wanna review Karhu?" Fill out a short form with your contact info and we'll let you know via email if you've been selected! (In case you were wondering, bribes are accepted and encouraged. Especially of the tasty variety.)

As you can see, Weezy has already staked out a few pairs...she gives them two paws up!


jayholder8k said...

I have applied. Lest the fine folks at Karhu not forget that I wore the Fast in my engagement photos and they will be featured on many-a save the date.

mmmonyka said...

Soooo what kind of cookies do you like? :)